Welcome to the 39th Annual San Fernando Valley AA Convention!

The theme this year, THE MUSIC OF AA, is very special to me as music has helped me through so many hurdles in my life.  When I first came to AA, I heard people say "Don't leave 'til you hear the music!"  I didn't know what that meant then, but I do now.  THE MUSIC OF AA is the laughter, the fellowship and the feeling of being of service and a part of something so much bigger than me.  I never imagined I would have the life that I am living today and I owe it all to Alcoholics Anonymous and the people in my life that have been examples of how to live sober on a daily basis.  When I was first told to "stick with the winners," I took that to heart and it has given me the honor and privilege of serving as the Chairperson for this year's convention.

We have planned an extraordinary weekend filled with, well … MUSIC,  of course, and lots of fun, including  golf, amazing  entertainment, phenomenal speakers, marathon meetings, dancing and so much more.

I'd like to close with a special "Thank You!" to all of the incredible volunteers on the 2014 Convention Planning Committee, as well as the Al-Anon & Alateen Committees, who have made this a fantastic year.  From planning to execution, it takes many hands to make our convention a success.  My heart is filled with gratitude as I thank each and every one of you for your service.

I am honored to welcome you to participate in the miraculous fun and fellowship of this year's convention and l encourage you to let THE MUSIC OF AA flow through you this weekend.

Yours in service,

Lynne K.

2014 Chairperson

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