Keep Coming Back

Dear family, friends, and guests;

On behalf of the 2016 convention planning committee, I would like to welcome you all to the 41st annual San Fernando Valley AA convention!

Our theme this year is - "We are not a glum lot". When I landed in AA I was not happy to be here. But one of the first things I noticed was people laughing at what I perceived were the worst things in the world. What I learned then was, in order to stay, I would have to learn that We are not a glum lot!

No matter where you find yourself as an AA, Al-Anon, Alateen or Alatot, or as part of the Spanish community or maybe even just a guest - over the next few days we ask that you keep an open mind and listen for the lighter side of our stories. When listening to any of the many speakers or listening in on any of the many marathon meetings, what we hope that you will find again is that We are not a glum lot. Whether you have 50 years or 50 minutes of sobriety, please listen for the common thread.

I would like to take this time as well to thank the individuals that make up the AA, Al-Anon and Alateen committees for their participation to bring this convention to be. I would also like to thank the Spanish committee for their many contributions. I am unable to list all the individuals at this time, but if you turn to the final pages in the convention program you will see them listed. Thanks to each one of you.

Now let's go forward and enjoy everything from the Opening Meeting to the Spiritual Breakfast and everything in between and remember - "WE ARE NOT A GLUM LOT"

Yours in service

Brian H

2016 SFVAA Convention Chair